4 min readNov 9, 2020


VoteSafe-Online Voting Built on Blockchain Technology

Why do we need it?

Current voting systems — Ballot box based in person, is not foolproof and instances of booth capturing, voters impersonation, alteration of records and manipulation, multiple votes casted by same individual are perennial issues and the resultant challenges in majority of people dissatisfaction, loss of faith in the franchise exercise which in turn the voting percentages is being lowered over the years and most of time the loosing individuals or party always cast validation and authenticity of the basis of votes and mode of counting and so on..

The voting process incurs huge budgets, tons of paper related exercise, secrecy of printing, safe guard of ballot boxes, huge mobilization of human resources and months of preparation time prior and post elections.

The challenges over the current voting process

  • People standing in Long Queues, which dissuades most from turning up to cast their vote
  • Lot of paperwork involved, hence less eco-friendly and time-consuming.
  • Cost of expenditure on elections is high.
  • Difficult for voters with different disabilities to access the voting booth.

And when a eligible voter goes to the polling booth and votes using EVM, incase the machine is malfunctioning, disrupted or hacked, the voter will not be made aware of such issues and only hopes their vote has been successfully casted to the their desired candidate, which may not be the case, as no transparent mechanism or openness in the system or process is prevailing to assuage the voter concerns.

How Can we deploy a foolproof and transparent and immutable Voting system?

Solution :

Using blockchain technology, the voting process can be made more secure, transparent, consistent and reliable — t saves every vote cast as a transaction, provides a receipt for the vote (in the form of a transaction ID) and the same can be referenced in counting and also for authenticity and verification.

How Do We Achieve It?

Blockchain voting uses technology of public ledger to provide security, anonymity and accuracy in elections. Information related to the either electoral candidates or voters is kept away from the snoopy eyes of the public.

The offering VoteSafe enables the entire voting process securely performed in 2 Steps:

Step 1: Register Voters

  • Basic Authentication Details(Full Name, Voting ID, House ID(for society elections, Email Verification(for notification), Mobile Number Verification(for authenticity of voter and notification)) are captured at first step which should match with the Voters DB, if it doesn’t match Voter cannot be registered further.
  • Once Voter Details are captured and matched, a 5–10s video of the voter is captured and saved.
  • Post the details match and face capture, voter is registered successfully on Blockchain and unique ID is generated for the voter to cast vote on the day of voting
Registration Process

Step 2: Cast Vote

  • Anonymity The Voting Option is enabled only on the day of voting between the allotted time slot for the successfully registered voters. The Voter has to enter the unique ID generated while registration. If it matches, the Voter can proceed to Face Auth.
  • Authenticity The face of the Voter is verified to be allowed to proceed to vote, If the face doesn’t match, the Voter will be denied to Vote.
  • Trust and Accuracy Post Verification, voter can see the profile of candidates and cast vote to only one candidate which will be saved in block and a transaction ID is generated.
Voting Process

Once the vote is casted by a voter, smart contract disables the voting option for that voter.

Results can be viewed on at central Panel, with one-to-one mapping of candidates Blockchain ID, voting transaction ID and voters unique ID.

Why on Blockchain?

Blockchain is rapidly gaining momentum in era of industry 4.0. With high level of security, concept of blocks and transparency provisions, it is being used in healthcare, fin-tech, business, IoT, supply chain management, Voting Online is the next step to usher in the current times of social isolation and pandemic challenges.

Do we foresee any drastic shift and transformation across the governments globally to introduce ONLINE-VOTING, maybe it’s too early to see it happening in next couple of years, however in the coming decade or so, lots of governments would follow, as all permissive and desideratum, the way banking, social interactions and entertainment paved for complete shift from OFFLINE to ONLINE over the last decade & half.

As a small beginning VoteSafe can used for all elections, like Investors/shareholders voting in public companies AGM, members society & Clubs, other assessments for role call and so on.. talk to us, we can provide the platform for your specific use case.